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Maureen Wins Jo Webb Award

Maureen Wins Jo Webb Award
The winner of Midlands Phab's 2018 Jo Webb Award is Maureen Weston from Oundle Phab. Maureen is pictured above receiving her Jo Webb Award Trophy and a cheque for £250 from Jo's father, John Webb,
at the Midlands Region Annual Funday at Wicksteed Park in early June. 
This Award is made annually in memory of Jo Webb, who passed away at the end of 2013 after 35
years of dedicated service as a volunteer with Phab Midlands. Under the scheme all Midlands
Clubs are invited to nominate the person from their club who they feel has done the most to further
Phab's philosophy of inclusion. As well as a trophy for the winner, there is a bursary of £250 for the
winning club.
Maureen has been involved with Oundle Phab for over 20 years and, as the Club's Treasurer for
most of that time, she has kept meticulous accounts. She liaises with the local Council about room
hire and takes a leading role in fundraising. In this context, she puts her considerable Line Dancing
expertise at the disposal of Club members, taking regular sessions and then taking Phab out into
the community by arranging for members to demonstrate and teach line dancing to various W.I.
Groups - in exchange for a donation towards Club funds, of course. She also arranges for Club
members to entertain at a local residential home.
Ordering on-line event tickets, procuring equipment over the Internet, downloading music for
parties and setting up equipment on club nights are also tasks that fall to Maureen.
Another skill she shares with members is cake decorating. Maureen provides the materials and
equipment and also willingly makes splendid decorated cakes for all of the Club's special
Over and above all this, Maureen goes out of her way to befriend and assist Club members at the
weekly meetings, interacting with them and encouraging them to interact with one another. On
outings, she accompanies and leads a group, offering to provide lifts in her own car. Maureen's
birthday celebrations and summer barbecues at her own home always include Club members, and
she enthusiastically encourages them to mix with her own family and friends.
Oundle Club Leader, Madeleine Sewter, told us "Without Maureen effectively acting as Deputy
Club Leader in this way, Oundle Phab would not be able to function as a modern-style Phab Club
relevant to the needs of 2018".

(Article kindly written by Bob Lapworth, Former Chairman Midlands Region.)

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