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Our Events

Phab Weeks in Schools

Phab Weeks in Schools

For many years Phab has been working with schools with boarding facilities to enable disabled young people to experience time away from home, enjoying all sorts of activities with their peers.  One such school has just delivered its 46th Phab Week and another one its 2nd Phab Weekend, with students and guests having a wonderful time together and making a real difference to the lives of all those involved.  This is what they have been doing at Merchant Taylor’s School in partnership with St. Helen’s, and at Aldenham School.  (And Westminster School will also be delivering its own Phab Week in July!)

Merchant Taylors’ and St. Helen’s Schools

Merchant Taylors’ and St. Helen’s Schools in Northwood work together each year to provide a very special week away for young people with disabilities, hosted by students and staff - with April 2018 marking the 46th Phab Week!   This year 22 disabled guests and 44 students were involved, along with 30 staff.   

Their week began with the arrival of a farm, including bulls, llamas and rabbits!  And as this very special week unfolded, everyone had to chance to enjoy skydiving, sledging, “Safari Pete” who brought along his lizards amongst other crawling things, a visit to Thames Valley Place Adventure Centre with its outdoor adventure zones, soft play areas and go carts, a camp fire with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate, a visit from the local Fire Brigade, swimming and sailing, rock climbing, making music with Electric Umbrella, and disco and karaoke.

Aldenham School

Aldenham School in Elstree introduced their first Phab Weekend last year with great success and were determined to do the same in 2018.  So staff and students hosted their second Phab residential weekend in April.  29 Sixth Form students along with teaching and non-teaching staff spent an action packed time with 15 young people with special needs, many of whom were returning for the second time.  Activities included a petting zoo of exotic animals, a music session run by Electric Umbrella, a visit to Aldenham Country Park, as well as art, baking, science and sports sessions.  The beautiful weather meant that plenty of time could be spent outdoors in the school’s lovely grounds. 

One parent said, “We wish to thank everyone involved in making this weekend possible and for making it so much fun and so memorable”. 

The school is now looking forward to repeating this amazing and genuinely life-changing experience next year.

And Westminster School will be delivering its own Phab Week in July!

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