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Phab Team

Phab Team

Phab's Team

Phab’s staff team consists of five full-time and seven part-time staff members.

Anne Joyce, Chief Operations Officer (anne.joyce@phab.org.uk)

Martin Holdsworth, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary (martin.holdsworth@phab.org.uk)

Janine Williams, Challenge Events Manager (janine@phabkids.co.uk) and National Development Manager (janine.williams@phab.org.uk)

Rebecca Hargreaves, National Projects Manager and Regional Officer for the North (rebecca.hargreaves@phab.org.uk)

Heather Clarke, Regional Officer for the Midlands (heather.clarke@phab.org.uk)

George Whittingham, National Club Support Officer (george.whittingham@phab.org.uk)

Sue Karney, Finance Officer (sue.karney@phab.org.uk)

Jan Clifford, Charity Support Officer (jan.clifford@phab.org.uk)

Maxine Brett, Raffle Support Officer (maxine.brett@phab.org.uk)

Matthew Joyce, Safeguarding and Clubs Services Officer (matthew.joyce@phab.org.uk)

Janice Hoad, Trust Fundraising Manager (janice.hoad@phab.org.uk)

Anne Duc, Charity Support Officer (anne.duc@phab.org.uk

Ours is a small team but, along with hundreds of Phab volunteers, together we can make a real difference to the lives of disabled people.

Whilst celebrating Phab’s Diamond Jubilee, the Trustees thank staff, volunteers, supporters and donors for all they have done over the years, helping us to make more of life together.

Our Trustees

The Trustees of Phab consist of both representatives from the different Regions and also Trustees with a mix of Phab Club leadership, business and management skills.  Our Trustees are:

  • John Corless OBE, Chairman
  • Geoffrey Chivers, Treasurer
  • Rosalind Probert
  • Philip Ford
  • Christopher Sneath MBE
  • Philip Peel
  • Nicholas Maloney
  • Julia Giles MBE
  • Rev. Dan Bond
  • Andrea Cawthorne

Phab’s President since 2016 is the well-known and much loved actress Anita Dobson.  And Baroness Campbell of Surbiton, DBE, a passionate campaigner and adviser for disability reforms, has also now joined Phab as a Vice President.

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