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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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My child has very limited movement in his/her arms and legs – will they be able to take part fully?

Absolutely! We have a huge range of adapted equipment to enable everyone to take part in all the activities. All your child would need is the willingness and enthusiasm to have a go!

I have a child with a disability but their brother/sister/friend does not – are they able to attend together?

Yes – this is what makes Phab unique.

My child has behavioural difficulties – can they apply for a place on a Phab Residential Project?

Yes – however we are unable to provide one to one care, so it may be advisable to send someone who knows your child along with them.

Please bear in mind that whilst away we work in small groups and all children/participants must be able to undertake the activities alongside other people safely and work in a co-operative manner to ensure the whole group is safeguarded.  All places offered are subject to a risk and care assessment.

If my child requires a one to one carer, how much will it cost me for their place?

There would be no charge for the carer’s place.  Whilst away the carer would be responsible for your child but will have the support of the Phab team.  The carer would not be expected to care for any other child whilst away.

How much does a Phab Residential Project Cost?

The cost varies from project to project. Phab does all it can to make these projects affordable for everyone and there are a range of bursaries available. Phab would not deny anyone a place simply because of cost – please contact Rebecca Hargreaves for more details about help towards the cost.

My child is just outside the age limits – are they able to apply?

Yes. Our age limits are a guideline only. You are welcome to apply for the most appropriate project for your child.

Will my child be left alone with a volunteer?

As well as Phab Staff, we also receive a lot of help from volunteers. All volunteers undergo a DBS Check and attend training on all aspects of Phab’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (see link below) as well as other important policies and procedures.  No child will ever be in a one-to-one situation with a volunteer, two will always be present. If your child requires one-to-one care either because of personal care, medical needs or behavioural or anxiety issues then a carer must be provided.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

The children/young people share rooms with each other. This is either in twin, triple, bunk bedded rooms or small dormitories. Volunteers and staff will be in rooms very close by and monitors can be used if necessary. Volunteers and staff do not share rooms with children. If your child requires their carer to share their room because of medical needs we can arrange this with you.

How many people attend each project and what is the ratio of adults to children?

The projects can range from thirty people up to sixty five people – this includes children and Phab staff/volunteers. The ratio of adults to children depends on the needs of the children attending. To give you an idea, on one previous projects we have had twenty five children and nineteen adults and others there have been sixteen children and sixteen adults. There is always a large adult presence so close supervision can be maintained. (Please note: Instruction staff are not included in these numbers)

Can you provide transport from our home to the centre?

 Travelling to and from the centres is the responsibility of each parent or carer. We have children attending from all over the United Kingdom and it is unfortunately not possible for Phab to arrange transport for each child. However, we can arrange to meet people at the nearest train station. Once at the centre all transport is provided.

Can you provide specialist equipment?

Yes – we have a wide range of equipment including hoists, shower chairs, shower beds, profile beds, bed sides, waterproof mattresses, stairgates, room monitors and door alarms as well as lots of specialist equipment to ensure everyone can join in with all the outdoor activities. If using a hoist, children must bring their own slings with them. Please inform us of any requirements.

My child has specific dietary requirements – can you cater for them?

Yes, all diets can be catered for including nut allergies, halal, vegetarian or vegan, dairy free, gluten free etc. We can also provide diets for children who are very particular about what food they choose to eat - for example if your child will only eat a certain brand of food or a certain colour of food. As long as we know in plenty of advance their diet will not be an issue.

What activities do you do on a Phab Project?

Activities vary from centre to centre but they include climbing, canoeing, abseiling, caving, swimming, team games, archery, days out to theme parks, orienteering, ropes courses, zip wire, discos, sailing, night walks and many others.

What kit is required?

Nothing expensive! Loose, casual clothing such as tracksuit bottoms, sweatshirts and t-shirts are best. Old trainers or water shoes are handy for water activities, and an outfit for disco. At some of the centres specialist clothing will be provided i.e. waterproof trousers, jackets and wellies. All the centres we use provide harnesses, helmets, knee pads etc. Bedding is provided but towels are not. Please do not bring anything too valuable i.e. iPods or games consoles.

What about insurance?

Phab has liability insurance that covers all participants and volunteers for damage caused to them or by them during the week. This does not cover personal possessions and it is advisable to leave them at home or check if they are covered on your home insurance.

May I have a copy of Phab’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy?

Of course – the link to our policies is here

What are your criteria for application and selection?

A detailed explanation can be found here

How do I apply?

For further information please contact Rebecca Hargreaves on 01254 824787 or email rebecca.hargreaves@phab.org.uk.  Our online application forms for the 2019 projects will be available on our website later in January 2019.  There is no need to print, just fill it in and click submit.

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