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Our Phab Clubs

Our Phab Clubs

Our Phab Clubs

There are over 150 Phab Clubs across England and Wales, with 8,000 members, bringing children, young people and adults with disabilities together with friends and family for all kinds of activities and social events.

Some Clubs will meet each week, with members enjoying each other’s company and different activities – from crafts to a game of pool, disco to a day out together, or a visit from the local Fire Station!  Other Clubs will focus on sports such as Boccia, trips to the cinema or days out. 

Run by local volunteers, Phab Clubs can make a real difference to the lives of people with disabilities and their families too.  

And regional and national events organised by Phab bring local Clubs and Members together to share experiences, support each other and enjoy time away together.

To find your nearest Phab Club or to speak to the Regional Development Officer, just follow the link below. Or you can call our Head Office on 020 8667 9443 to find out more about what is available locally. 

If there is nothing nearby, you might like to talk with us about getting involved in developing a new Phab Club locally, with the support of local and Head Office staff.

Find your nearest club here

What a difference Phab makes to my son’s life.

Phab makes Peter happy. Because of his disability he can't do things other 17 year old boys do and it gives him something to look forward to.

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