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BBC Lifeline Appeal for Phab

BBC Lifeline Appeal for Phab

BBC Lifeline Appeal for Phab

BBC Lifeline Appeal for Phab

Phab has won an exciting opportunity to be featured on TV as part of the BBC Lifeline Appeal on Sunday 18th March, BBC1 at 12.15 pm and repeated on Wednesday 21st March at 1.00 pm on BBC2.

Well-known actor and President of Phab, Anita Dobson, provides the voice over for the film as well as being interviewed and recording a special message for all those calling the BBC to make a donation after the broadcast.  Anita said “I was thrilled to be part of this exciting programme and we had such fun while filming with the members. It is a great opportunity to share Phab’s wonderful work with a large TV audience”.

The 9-minute programme includes an interview with Phab member Natalie from Kenilworth Phab Club, follows the story of Caitlin and her brother Cameron during Phab’s exciting residential week at Avon Tyrrell last August and introduces young Khianna from Epping Forest Phab showing Anita her wheelchair dance moves at their club night!  

As well as an amazing opportunity to raise the profile of Phab, the public will be able to donate to Phab during the month following the broadcast via the BBC Audience Services telephone service, through the BBC Lifeline Appeal website or direct to Phab.   

We are most grateful to the BBC for providing this wonderful opportunity and to Anita and all those involved in making this very special film.  

The programme will be available afterwards on the Lifeline Appeal’s website, on BBC’s Youtube and at www.phab.org.uk

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