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Bradley’s journey with Phab

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Bradley’s journey with Phab

Bradley’s journey with Phab

“The Phab week gave Bradley the confidence to go near people and children again.”

Bradley is 11.  He has cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, visual perception difficulties, language difficulties and social anxiety.

Bradley had been so physically and mentally unwell that he had missed many months of school.  He became scared of other children and would shout in distress if any were to approach him.

Anxiety posed a challenge to settling in on his Phab week, but with support, flexibility and encouragement, Bradley began to feel more at ease.  He began to feel pride from his achievements, whether this was abseiling or sitting with other children while eating breakfast.  Slowly he started to make friends.

A pivotal moment occurred during the fourth day when Bradley offered to help the other children assemble kites.  Witnessing the change was fantastic – to see him interact happily with the other children and share his practical skills with everyone.  Bradley’s mother affirmed that the Phab week gave him “the confidence to go near people and children again”.

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