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Harriet at Whalley Junior Phab Club

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Harriet at Whalley Junior Phab Club

Harriet at Whalley Junior Phab Club

Harriet, aged 15, lives on a very busy dairy farm in Lancashire and has a rare genetic mutation which has caused epilepsy and learning disabilities, and she is also non-verbal. 

In 2011 Harriet became a founder member of Whalley Junior Phab Club in Lancashire.   There she has enjoyed, along with her friends, all sorts of fun activities including arts and crafts, discos, drumming workshops, games and guest visitors.  Washboard Annie’s visit to the Club was definitely a favourite for Harriet! 

Her mother, Kate, said “When Harriet is at Phab Club I can relax knowing that she is happy and well cared for and I have the opportunity to either stay for a cup of tea or coffee and chat to other parents or nip out to the shops or local café. Becoming involved in Phab has opened up so many other opportunities, including Phab holidays and another residential adventure at Merchant Taylors’ School in Middlesex where Harriet had the chance to fly in a light aircraft!”

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