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What Phab means to me

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What Phab means to me

What Phab means to me

Phab to me means friendship, fun, acceptance, and being part of something amazing.

I joined Phab after a life changing illness where I spent eleven months in hospital…I became a wheelchair user and I lost lots of things in life including friends. Someone mentioned going to Phab to make new friends. so I nervously went along to Kenilworth Phab. That was about six years ago and I absolutely love it, I look forward to it every week and I have so many friends there, I feel safe, I feel equal, and I can be myself and have fun.

Since being a member of Phab I have been on holidays to Butlins, been on weekends away, I have been to the House of Lords which was so amazing, and I met lots of great people including Anita Dobson. I have been to lots of fun days, I have done lots of new activities which when I was laying in a hospital bed I would never thought I could do in my wheelchair such as salsa dancing, lots of other types of dancing, drumming, parties, and been to gala dinners and so many things. I have also learned how to tweet and use Twitter, and I help make cards and things for fundraising. I have been to the celebrity carol service which was also brilliant and was a fantastic opportunity. I also did a talk to a group of people about Kenilworth Phab which I was very nervous but proud to do.

Phab to me means everything and it has actually given me a huge part of my life back, I have learned how to live and have fun with my life as it is now. It has helped me adapt to my new situation and has shown me what there is to still achieve…thank you Phab!!

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