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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What experience do I need to have to apply to be a Phab Holiday Project volunteer?

If you have experience of working with children and or disabled people then great but it is not essential. You need energy, enthusiasm, the ability to work as part of a team and the ability to get on well with the children/young people and ensure that they are having the best time they could possibly have.  

Will I be given any training?

Yes. All volunteers MUST attend the Phab Training Weekend held at the outdoor activity centre where you will be volunteering.  Topics discussed will include safeguarding, child protection, health and safety and other practical information will also be given.  It is a great opportunity to meet the Project Leader and the rest of the volunteering team.  Travel and accommodation expenses will be funded by Phab to enable you to attend.  The date of the training weekend will be available before you apply so you can confirm your attendance.

Will I be expected to undertake any medical care for the participants?

Most children that require specialist care or have complex medical needs will come with their own carer so you will not be expected to do an invasive or medical procedures.

Will I be expected to undertake personal care for the participants?

You may be expected to help some of the children/young people with personal care including washing, toileting, getting dressed, help at mealtimes etc.  The level of help will be discussed at the training event and if you are at all uncomfortable with any aspect you can discuss this with your project leader.

Will I have to do all the activities?

You will be welcome to have a go at everything.  However if there is anything you are really not happy with, we can transfer you to another activity.  

I am 16 years old – am I too young to apply? 

No – Phab appreciates the role of young volunteers. We are able to take a small number of applicants under the age of 18 but no younger than 16 years. 

It was an amazing week and really special to share everyone’s achievements as we all received our certificates on the final morning.

Thank you for all your help and support whilst I was volunteering at Bendrigg Lodge this week.

Thank you for an amazing week! I can’t wait for next year!

Volunteering on the Phab Project was brilliant fun.

Will a Phab Residential Project count towards my Duke of Edinburgh Award? 

Yes, absolutely! Your project leader can complete the necessary documents at the end of the project.  

Will I have to pay anything towards the cost?

No – it should not cost you a penny. All accommodation, food, entrance fees and travelling expenses will be paid (including the training day). All we ask is that you keep your travel expenses to a minimum by booking train tickets in advance or car sharing. 

Will I have to share a room?

You will probably be expected to share a room with other volunteers of the same gender. You will not be sharing a room with a child.

Will I have time off to leave the centre during the week so I can take a break/time off?

Unfortunately no - There is always something that needs doing and if volunteers leave the centre it means that our supervision levels may be compromised. There are opportunities in the evenings to relax and socialise.  

Am I insured?

Phab has liability insurance that covers all participants and volunteers for damage caused to them or by them during the week. You may wish to discuss the level of cover before the project with the National Projects Manager. This does not cover personal possession and it is advisable to leave them at home or check if they are covered on your home insurance.  

Can I apply for more than one project? 

If you feel you have the energy and time to attend more than one please feel free to apply for as many as you like!  

What are my chances of my application being successful?

We are very fortunate that the Phab Residential Projects attracts many fantastic volunteers and we do take a large number of volunteers on each project. But sometimes, despite you being a perfect candidate, we may not have the space to accommodate you.  

I already have a DBS clearance – can I send you a copy?

If you are registered on the Update Service all we need is your certificate number and issue date.  However, if not  you will have to undergo a DBS check via Phab (Phab will pay all costs). You will also be required to provide the details of two referees.   

I would like to volunteer but how else can I help?

Phab relies entirely on voluntary donations and grants.  By offering your time to help on a Phab holiday project you are already contributing a huge amount but you can also help to support Phab by organising a fundraising event or activity – Phab staff can support any ideas you may have.

How do I apply?

Application forms are available online. Please click here.

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